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Take part in publishing my Granddad’s book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives” in English!

How did the book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives” appear?

Gathering interesting information is my hobby in general. First of all, I like learning about ornamental design, new styles in ornament. For many years of collecting such information I’ve gained quite a lot of it - so sometimes it was hard to find something particular.

As a result, I decided to put all information into a book so that it can be easier to find anything you need, taken from different sources and well structured.

In times when there was no Internet yet, I used to order microfilms in the libraries of USSR. To know which library had the particular film I needed, I used to look through the “Album of foreign literature in the USSR libraries”.

The Album was available only in the Udmurt State Republic University library, and I was probably the only person to show interest to it. The Album also contained adresses of libraries where one could order microfilms. Which I did, asking to send me the negatives (screen shots) of the book pages by post. That was the only way to get them. Later I printed the pictures from those negatives.

I came across interesting topics related to ornamental design in the magazines I used to order each year. Thus appeared the topics that were absent in other books on ornamental design. In 10 years of searching I’ve gathered a lot of material on new topics and in addition to what I already had.

Now I’m thinking about publishing the book in English. I dedicate it to the memory of my co-author Natalia Yemshanova. I would love for everyone who is interested in ornamental design to get to know her text in original version.

Everyone who supports and helps me publish the book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives” in English

just for $2

will get three gifts and one bonus that has nothing to do with ornamental design.

Gift #1

Book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives” in pdf-format. Fans of ornamental design might already have it as the e-version of it travels through the Internet since it was first published. But even more interesting getting it in pdf-format might be for you because of scanned charts of all the ornaments from the book. And of course the fact that you can use them as you like.

Gift #2

The book “Suggestion in design” in pdf-format that we used as original inspiration when working at the book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives”.


The “heaviest” one as it contains a lot of information so I had to divide it into three parts/directories. The gift represents screen shots of quite a lot of illustrations of literature on Russian, Slavic and Oriental Ornamental design.

You get it all just for

$ 3

Isn’t it amazing?

When my book “Ornamental design. Styles. Motives” is published in English, it will be sent out in pdf-format to the addresses you put. If you would like to have the book in regular format, signed by the author (i.e. me!), instead of


you will need to wire



WMZ Z320735055725

WME E155338066177

WMR R217709512061

In order to have enough funds for delivery, and if there are enough funds, then for the second book "Grotesque in the Ornamental Art of the Renaissance" in paper form and in pdf format, but for this you will need to leave your coordinates in order to know where to send.

This book currently exists in the form of an original layout, in the amount of five copies, my grandfather printed it out to protect my mother, it was her graduation project.

In pdf format, everyone who takes part in the action will receive it.

Grandpa didn’t manage to install a payment button on the blog, but the button for recruiting trustees on the Patreon resource, where he created an account, got up very well. This resource serves to support creators (creators of creative content).

Patrons (trustees), having registered on patreon, choose the very initial level of the official patron, pay a monthly fee of $ 3 for a subscription and take all three gifts from the "Gifts" post via the links, and besides everything that they like on the subscription page.

Whoever wants to stay and receive additional content stays, the rest do not renew the subscription and leave Patreon.

There will be a desire to communicate with grandfather, his contact details

You can contact my Grandpa at vk, email:

Sincerely, Anya on my Grandpa’s behalf

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